Island County Democrats


Local Party Re-Organization

Every two years, local party organizations elect a new Executive Board, in a process known as reorganization, or Re-Org. The rules for this process are explained in State law, the local organization’s bylaws, and in the state party’s bylaws.

The Executive Board is made up of a Chair, 2 Vice-Chairs (one from Camano, one from Whidbey), a Secretary, a Treasurer, and two State Committee Members (SCMs). State law and our Bylaws require gender and geographic diversity among our SCMs and Vice-Chairs.

Island County’s Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) elect the officers of the Executive Board to run County party affairs for two years. Only PCOs who were elected (by their precinct’s voters, in an even-year primary election) may vote for Executive Board officers, but any voting-age Democrat in Island County can run for an Executive Board position.

You can read about the nomination process and the duties of each position here. If you are thinking about running for an Executive Board position, the best first step is to attend some of our regular quarterly meetings, so we can get to know you. Our next Quarterly Meeting will be April 4th at the Coupeville Rec Center, starting at 6:30 PM.

Our next Island County Democrats Re-Org will be December of 2020.