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Represent your Precinct

Island County is divided into 48 neighborhoods called precincts. Most precincts have elected a Precinct Committee Officer (PCO), who serves as the political representative for that neighborhood for a particular party. PCOs walk their precinct on behalf of their party before each election, making sure their neighbors are registered voters, handing out election materials, and reminding people to vote. They also are key players in spreading the word about Democratic candidates! PCOs are elected every two years as part of the Democratic primary.  It is also possible to be appointed as a PCO between elections, or to be appointed as an Acting PCO for a precinct in which you do not reside.


  1. Find your likely precinct HERE, then verify your residence in an individual preinct map HERE.

  2. Contact the ICD Chair to volunteer in a precinct committee, or apply to be considered as a PCO. You will need to download and fill out the application below.

  3. The ICD Chair will forward your interest to our PCO and Membership committee - who will contact you and tell you how to proceed.


Please download our PCO Application Form (pdf)  to be considered for a PCO position in Island County. Then print it, fill it out, and scan a copy to email it to the ICD Chair, or mail it to Island County Democrats at the US Mail address below.